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Things to Expect When Starting a Business

ValueMags is in the business of helping publishers increase revenue and forge relationships with partners. Andrew Degenholtz, the ValueMags founder has had to work hard to get to where he is today. When people decide to start their own business, there are things they don’t quite expect until they are place into the situation.

Founders usually say their journey to taking their brands somewhere is a crazy one. You have to keep fighting everyday to find your way to success. If you don’t do it, then who will? I’m sure in your intro to economics class, you heard the first five years a company has launched is the toughest. They are most likely to close shop within that timespan than anytime after. There are things to follow to make sure your fate, as a startup, is a good experience getting you the success you are seeking.

With time comes change and depending on the industry you are in, you need to be open to these changes. For example, companies that were manufacturing VHS tapes must have seen the prominence of DVDs. They should adapt with the times in order to survive. Since today we live in a faster paced world with news travelling faster than ever, companies must continuously be monitoring the market. There may be ways to complete a specific task faster with new technology you still haven’t implemented yet. ValueMags, being in business for over a decade, has seen many changes in their industry. They have no choice but to adapt in order to survive or even thrive if they are the first ones offering a new change.

Once you have determined that change is inevitable and you need to lookout for it, you then need a great team to back you. When you start operations, it can be feasible to have it run by one person. But as it grows, you need to find great people to help you grow your business. The partners you find too need to have an understanding of the market you are competing in and give you a competitive advantage.

When you start to market your brand and the products/services you offer to the public, it is important to know how to get new customers but also how to keep your current ones. ValueMags knows that it actually costs more to acquire a new customer than keep an existing one.


Our Website

Our website provides customers with the best prices available, easy site navigation, and excellent service. ValueMags sells only fixed term magazine subscriptions. This means that we never automatically renew your subscription. ValueMags simply sends an email and you have the option to renew your magazine subscription. No pressure and no tricks!

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ValueMags: A People Business

ValueMags has understood since day one, the importance of people in and around a company. They are what makes it go. Being a social butterfly with an ambitious vision, ValueMags’ President Andrew Degenholtz knew that ValueMags was not going to be that successful without the support and teamwork of their people.

So, by engaging and taking care of their people, ValueMags has created a desirable lifestyle and culture for their employees. There is no better way to bring people together than showing them how valuable they are to you and to each other. That value, when shared amongst a team, becomes a culture.

A “people” business such as ValueMags, is a business that pushes their employees to succeed both individually and collectively. If employees are happy in their positions and management gives them responsibilities they excel in, companies will see better results. The employees will see that they have a purpose in the company, they are valued, and will understand their contribution to a greater and common goal. Often times, when companies have many employees that lack attention, they will not be as productive and efficient because they don’t understand their purpose, need, or feel appreciated.

The next most important group of people to ValueMags is their customers. Most would think customers come first however, if one can’t take care of themselves, how are they supposed to take care of others? Additionally, companies that have happy and appreciated customer service employees will likely provide better and more effective customer service. Then, a domino effect will occur like a wave of positivity.

Degenholtz feels strongly that it is North American culture to identify with what one does and what one buys. Most people want to be associated with companies that make them and everyone around them feel valued, important, and good about themselves. Moreover, make their people, employee or customer, feel safe and happy about their interactions with the company.


Online Marketing and Social Media

Online marketing is a vast field compromising of different business activities. To be able to run your business effectively online, you may need to hire different kinds of specialists to help with affiliate, social media, PPC, search and so on. Granted, you may not need all of these at the start of your business right away.

When starting out, same applies for social media sites. It is not necessary to have an account on all the sites. Because of lack of resources, you may want to focus on the top sites your audience is most likely to be on. This usually depends on your industry and the kind of products/services you offer. As you grow, it is expected from you to have an account on all social sites as well as be active on all as well. ValueMags sells magazine subscriptions to the American public. With about 55 percent of all 18 to 29 year olds using the Instagram regularly, it is important to know how to market to them using the site.

It has even become a great way to get new business. The key is to have captivating imagery and add hashtags to get people to find your post. Another strategy you can take as a business it to find potential customers and try to form some kind of relationship. It can be one where you are following them or liking their posts. It will definitely get their attention and click to see what you are all about. Do not only limit yourself to customers. Influencers can help grow your business with collaboration. With their audience, they can easily help you get more eyeballs on your product with less work than you actively finding customers one by one.

There are even different kinds of ads you can post on Instagram. Photo ads will tell a story with visually engaging imagery. You can even promote your post to specific people. For example, if you are in the furniture business, people who have shared they were about to move, changed their relationship statuses, are pregnant or just simply into décor are great people to target. Even if they might not click on your ad right away, they may remember it and come back to it with the intent to buy. ValueMags has seen this with their posts too.


7 Tactics to Get Your Child to Behave

For all parents, it is a challenge to get your children to behave especially after the first time you ask. There are ways you can communicate with your children that are more effective than the current approaches you are using. This will make your child listen better and even cooperate faster.

When your child is in the middle of doing something and you ask them to do something like get ready for dinner, they most likely would not even have heard you. Instead opt to ask them to stop what they are doing for a moment, and then come down to their level to make eye contact in order to tell them what it is you want. Research has shown that children do not have great multitasking abilities.

As a parent, it is also important to give specific directions when you want them to do something. For example, if you want them to get ready for school, that statement is to use has to be concrete. Opt to use the statements like “eat your breakfast” or put your jacket on”. If you notice your child is not behaving, change what you are telling them. That may be the issue more likely than not.

If they are still resisting your requests, make it a game for them. If they do not want to put their shoes on, tell them that you don’t think you can get them on in 40 seconds. This will make them want to prove you wrong and be into the task at hand. If there is a certain behavior you want to encourage in your child, be sure to let them know by giving positive reinforcement. And on the contrary, if there is something your children are doing that is considered a bad habit, point it out and calmly tell them why it is bad.

Another good tactic to use is show and tell. If you have told your children time and time again to be nice to their sibling, but keep pestering them, show them how you want them to act. What you show has to be related to the situation. Let’s take the latter for example. Give your child a heart shaped item to remind them how you want them to act with their brother or sister.

If you have noticed, children like to feel in control so as a parent; you can use that to your advantage. If their room is a mess, you can give them the option of what to put away. These strategies should help the way your child behaves in all facets of their life.