What makes ValueMags have competitive advantage is their digital program, which allows customers to view their favorite magazines as soon as they become available? Instead of waiting a couple of days for magazines to arrive by mail, this program has that as a positive.

As of now, ValueMags is offering Parents Magazine for free. There are many great articles for parents as well as future parents. This month they have published a piece on baby-proofing your house. There are a few lesser obvious things parents can miss when going through this exercise. Some of the most common things that will get baby proofed are cabinets, coffee table, stairs, electric outlets and looking into which baby monitors are hackable or not. Once a child learns how to walk and climb, the next thing they like to do is climb.

There has been a video recently that has been viral of twins climbing a dresser and it fell on one of the toddlers. Both children are fine at the end of the video but it could have had a completely different ending. It is better not to take a chance. This is a reminder to all parents to make sure all furniture or heavy items are securely screwed into the wall.

Be aware when you are placing dishes and pots on countertop surfaces. You may not remember doing this as a child but it is fairly common for them to want to see what is in their reach. They can easily try to grab a boiling pot of soup or a glass cup. Be mindful of where you place them in order not to even be in the child’s field of vision.

The CEO of ValueMags, Andrew Degenholtz, has children himself and knows the true value in these articles. Even the simplest thing you have never thought of can injure your child. Something as simple as locking up your drawers and cabinets that contains items your child would want to play with is another example. Since it is in their nature to want to go through each drawer and cabinet, they can find things like knives or lighters they would want to play with. Another item we all have laying around are electric cords. With the dominance of digital objects in our homes like laptops, tablets and phones, they can be found everywhere.