Being one of the top investors into the marketing and distribution of magazines, ValueMags wants to share where the invention of a magazine originated from.

Starting with the printing press, newspapers became popular very quickly. Before the printing press, books and other print materials had to be copied by hand. Within a century of the printing presses’ creation, it was printing on all forms of materials: pamphlets, posters, religious scriptures, almanacs, and newsletters. In the 1700’s, intellectual prowess and the demand for the distribution of knowledge prompted Englishman, Edward Cave to publish a periodical magazine. It was called The Gentleman’s Magazine. The word magazine came from the Arabic word “makhazin” which means storehouse. Cave was trying to produce an archive of knowledge in a single place that continuously pulsed knowledge and information which is why is was periodical. It was the first of many wide-range publications that included everything from literary pieces to poems to images.

About a decade later, the first magazine was published in Philadelphia. Gradually, magazine became specialized the way ValueMags distributes magazines for every reader: the parent, the bride, the outdoor goer, the car junkie, and so much more. In the 90s, magazines became very popular for travelers and people that wanted a more colorful source of information (pictures and the design became the primary attraction of the piece).

Nowadays, much of the print magazine industry has been digitalized. Even ValueMags has recently launched a mobile platform. However, there are some individuals that still like to hold a print magazine in their hands!