ValueMags is a magazine subscription company based out of Chicago, Illinois. They have been in the industry for many years now. The key to survival in this business is keeping up with the trends. Even seeing them before they come to be the first company to offer that to customers. The big thing is to now offer a digital version of magazines on all platforms. The best trending magazines are even niche and lifestyle ones focused on healthy eating and living.

One of the most popular and circulated magazines of all time is National Geographic. The articles they make available in every issue keeps captivating audiences to read more and educate themselves about the world and what is happening. ValueMags has always made this magazine available for the public to purchase from them. They know that it is one that subscribers will keep buying for a while to come.

In this issue of the magazine, they want to raise awareness on the trade of hippo teeth. In Uganda, there are investigators suspecting illegal trade of hippo teeth. This product then feeds into the ivory market in Asia. When it reaches that part of the world, they are then carved into artwork worth quite a bit of money. In order to find sellers, investigators have to pretend they are interested in teeth. That is how these people get stopped. They would have to be in the middle of a transaction to show they have the product on them. It is at that moment, they would have enough evidence against them to prosecute them. But because this line of work is very profitable for people, it is worth the risk.

The amount of time people spend for being caught with illegally possessing wildlife products is two years. There is a whole system of selling these kinds of products. The people who kill the animal and get the teeth, or whatever it may be, are not necessarily the people who will be selling the “product” to the market. They usually mind middlemen to do that and risk getting jail time if they get caught. It is much easier finding these people than finding the animal killers. ValueMags knows the importance of getting people to learn more about these issues happening in the world. When you buy ivory, it is important to know there is came from.